How To Control Your Raging Toddlers’ Emotions

How To Control Your Raging Toddlers’ Emotions

I’m Danielle & welcome to my FIRST official blog. You can read more about me and my Boujie Self HERE. Okay, so you clicked on this because like me, you probably are at your wits end trying to figure out how to handle your crazy ass toddler and their psychotic freak out moments. I must tell you, I am not a therapist; I never took a lesson on how to parent correctly and I come from a childhood of getting my ass kicked if I disrespected my parents. If that is your MO then cool (I mean don’t beat their asses, but a slap here or there is fine by me).

I have two kids, my daughter Valentina, who is two and not going through crazy town yet and a son, Dominic, who is almost 5. He’s at the station boarding the crazy train almost daily. I have to state (mostly because my mom proofread this and demanded I input how amazing he is), my son is smart, funny,  charismatic and extremely witty but my husband and I dance around his ups and downs constantly. In one minute, he’s a total gem – lovable, friendly, sweet and kind…then…BOOM… total nutcase. It’s almost mind blowing how fast the switch is. We are very hands on parents and for us we try to figure out the best solutions (may not always be the right ones but we try).

My son started getting really angry if we said “no” and he started saying things like, “I don’t love you mommy” (Gawwd – I die every time) or “I’m a bad boy”. We started seeing a trend in how he handled us yelling at him and he began to get angry, down on himself and almost in a way felt worthless. It killed me. Yes, discipline is necessary BUT wouldn’t you rather them learn something from it then just sit in a corner and sulk in their own anger. Where’s all my crazy ass momma’s who (like me) spew in their own venom for days, mad at their husband’s over God knows what, when all we want is for them to apologize so we can go back to being happy???

We need to remember, he’s FOUR!!! I turn into medusa if I am mad over something or at someone. They are just babies trying to figure things out. Can you imagine if someone walked up to our grown asses and snatched our phone out of our hands? You better believe I’m coming at you with a right hook. There’s no difference from when my daughter steals a toy from his hands!! Anyway, we needed to find a solution to fix this negativity and turn it into a positive. Full disclaimer, I have struggled with some depression in my past so protecting and educating my kids on how to prevent this is my biggest project. Nothing else friggin matters – period – end of discussion!!! My kids are my life.

OKAY – so on to the solution. I found this company MINDFUL GENERATION and it was created by a mom who IS a doctor and DOES specialize in childhood behavior. You can learn all about her and the company by visiting the site. I decided to purchase the Time-in Tool Kit which basically eliminates time outs and beating the shit out of them (because your half dead and delirious). HERE is the link to my YouTube video on this. I bet Suzanne (creator of the company) would disagree with everything I am writing about in this blog but I am appealing to the “IDGAF” mom crew…you know who you guys are – two seconds away from a major fkn nervous breakdown. I created the cutest little corner in our playroom and DIY’d the shit out of the special “crafts” he can do while he is calming the EFF down.  (side note, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, please)

I explain a lot in the video and how I set everything up. Just want to tell you guys that this does not fix EVERYTHING…OMG hell to the no friggin way! BUT it is a start, a step in the right direction…progress people! One thing we learned as parents is that it is an ever-changing game of ups and downs, highs and lows. Go with it! When you hit a road block, figure out how to move around it. There is so much information and tools we can learn from right at our finger tips. Put in the work. It is so easy to be a shitty parent and so unbelievably hard to be a good one. Choose to BE A GOOD ONE!

Both of my kids LOVE this corner. They show everyone when they come into the house. It makes my son proud. I did that! It took me 3 weeks to open the box, another 3 to put it all together but ya know what, I DID IT! So can you!!

Sitting on my dining room table for weeks

Let’s work on taking all that hate and negative energy out of our kids before it transcends them into becoming moody teenagers and then complete arrogant adults (I actually put a ton of curse words in here but was told to take it out - apparently, not a good look).


Here is a full list of all the products I used to make the corner, the link to the video tutorial I did and also a link to my Pinterest page (this is where I get my ideas from because I’m not THAT good). Hope you enjoyed my first blog EVER! Make sure to follow my Instagram page @daniellecabraldiy and come along for the ride that is my crazy ass life!


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