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Awesome Amazon Gift Idea

Need a nice gift with a 2 day (sometimes only ONE day) delivery? I got you! There are so many times I find myself scrolling on Amazon for the perfect yet affordable gift to send to someone special.  I love sending gifts that people will actually enjoy without having to break the bank.

I found a great gift box literally “Fit for a queen” with a price point under $50 and a men’s gift set with a price point under $25 – both offer 1 day delivery with Amazon Prime.

Check out my quick video review HERE

Below I go through everything inside the box and give my honest review.

(12 items total)

  • Canvas Clutch
  • Trinket Tray
  • Notebook & Chic Crown Pencil
  • Queen Coffee Mug with Lid
  • Fresh Lavender Candle
  • Greeting card
  • 2 X Bath Bombs & 4 X Shower Streamers
 Each image is clickable and brings you directly to the product. My advice, just add it to your Amazon cart (put it in "save for later") so it’s always there when you need it
I was pleasantly surprised when I received the box. Before I even opened the Amazon exterior box I said to myself, "Man, this is heavy! What did I order?"
Everything was packaged so nice and when you initially open the top of the box, you do get a WOW! moment. If I received this as a gift, I would be really happy. It has things that I actually enjoy, use and like. The shower steamers are awesome because I can never really use bath bombs (since I don't bathe). 
Given that it is under $50 and you can ship for FREE (with prime), it is an excellent option. Definitely a nice Amazon gift delivery!
I would also like to highlight (2) different gift items for men that the Amazon store also offers. *Full disclaimer, I did not personally receive them but I happen to like the storefront and really really liked their "Fit for a queen box" so I wanted to share this with you guys as well! 
I hope this gave you some cool new gift ideas! 


XOXO Danielle


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