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Here is my HONEST review on the Sidney Sleep curved Pillow. First, I would like to start off by saying when a brand approaches me, I always have to test the product and actually like it before I feel comfortable working with them. I NEVER mention or highlight something I am not a fan of. I won’t even review a company if I don’t like it because I feel bad. Okay, now that we cleared that up….

I am so happy to introduce this spectacular curved pillow by Sidney Sleep to you guys. Yes, you read that right – CURVED.



I have never tried a curved pillow before this one and I have to say it is extremely comfortable. Not only does it contour to your body which helps lessen your aches and pains but for me, it gave me a sense of security. Let me explain that a little more. I love feeling tucked in when I sleep and with this pillow I felt comfort from every angle, no matter which way I turned. I am a side sleeper that likes to hold on to the sides of my pillow.

 Did I mention it is adjustable?



The Sidney Pillow is filled with a proprietary blend of Certipur-US Certified shredded memory foam and is cut larger creating more air pockets (meaning it retains its shape longer). Each purchase comes with extra filling so if its too soft, you can add more and if its too hard, just remove some. I actually liked the pillow as it comes! I am not kidding when I say the pillow, which is a bit heavier than most I’ve tried, literally feels like you are sleeping on a cloud!




Now lets talk about health concerns,  ‘cause I know we all got ‘em! The pillows are non toxic and are free from flame retardants, chemical smells, chemical off gassing and petroleum/chemical foams. Boom! There ya go!

 The pillow cover is made from Bamboo. Textiles made with Bamboo are extremely cushiony and soft. That was the first thing I noticed when I picked up the pillow. It felt so cozy! I couldn’t wait to lay my head on it. On top of the amazing feel of it, Bamboo has a ton of benefits. I will list them here:

  • Breathable & extremely soft
  • Temperature adaptive – It breathes naturally so you sleep cool and           comfortable all night long
  • Antimicrobial - meaning it creates an inhospitable environment for fungal and bacterial spores to grow and thrive
  • Hypoallergenic



So, do I recommend this pillow – YES! It passes my sleep test with flying colors (and my husbands). It is also very easy to clean. The Sidney Sleep Pillow has a zippered cover that is removable and machine washable - wash in cool water, tumble dry on low, no bleach. You can read up on a bunch of FAQ directly on their site HERE.

You can also check out my review video HERE.

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 The price point is phenomenal considering the quality of the pillow. I’ve seen some pillows run in the hundreds of dollars. Since it really doesn’t matter what “type” of sleeper you are, you can’t go wrong with the Sidney Sleep pillow. Definitely check it out and give it a try!

Boujie Mama APPROVED!

XOXO Danielle



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