I put up an Instagram story asking my friends if they had any recommendations on how I could get my house to smell good. Ya know, like RICH houses that don’t contain two raging toddlers and a whole lotta chaos. My Bed, Bath and Body work plug-ins weren’t cutting it anymore and I wanted a constant scent without having to spray anything. Well, the response was overwhelming! “HELP, me too!” and “Share your responses” flooded my DM’s. I sprung into action and realized I needed to investigate a little more. I took a few recommendations from my “insta” friends and bought some of the products to try. These products range from plug-ins, room spays, candles and essential oils. I tested one product a week and here are my results. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Some of the links below are affiliate links BUT each product I tried and tested so my reviews are authentic and I was in no way paid for my opinions. It would be really nice of you (wink wink) to order through these links though! 

MY RESULTS (in order)

  1. Pura
  2. Walter & Co. Room spray
  3. Plant Therapy
  4. GAIN Fireworks Laundry Beads
  5. Febreze Room Spray
  6. Glade Plug-in


     This is my new permanent plug in and it is all controlled from an app on my phone! I love super techy things and PURA’S app allows me to increase or decrease the intensity, turn on the night light and even create a schedule allocating what time of day I want certain scents to come out (2 separate scents can be plugged into the device). BEST part…the scent never fades! Products I used were the Plug in, Volcano and Grapefruit scents. Use code THEBOUJIEMAMA for 15% off sitewide.

 Things I love about it:

  • The scent is strong. It lasts a long time and smells AWESOME! It reaches into multiple rooms and It also lets you know when you are running low.
  • It is controlled from an app which allows me to create custom schedules. I turn it off at night so the oils last longer.
  • They have clean ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals you need to worry about.





     Calling all my DISNEY LOVAH’S… my FAVORITE smell was the Walter & Rosie Candle Co.’s Polynesian Roomy Spray. It is so good! This family owned business recreates all the happiest scents on earth from non-other than my favorite place on earth, Disney! Each scent is from a Disney hotel, park, food or experience. I died and went to heaven. They sent over candles, a room spray and laundry detergent. Yes, laundry detergent and did you see how cute it is? It smelled even better. Not even kidding, their scents (ALL OF THEM) were hands down my favorites from this experiment. I know I am cheating a little bit with this company because it involves “spraying” and “lighting” BUT I give credit where credit is due! Use code THEBOUJIEMAMA10 for 10% off sitewide.

Things I love about it:

  • The BEST smelling scents ever! Hellerrr, it’s Disney themed.
  • The Room Spray lasts for a while
  • It’s a small business run by an adorable family




                 I will admit, I knew nothing about Essential Oils except all of my friends use them instead of candles. Naturally, I had to check it out for myself. I did my research and really liked Plant Therapy the best. Why? Their product is 100% essential oils, organic and they have an entire Kids Safe line. They also have other phenomenal products like skincare and household products. I tried the following: The diffuser, The Multi-Surface Cleaner and The Glass Cleaner. As for the oils, I ordered a bunch of different scents (primarily fall themed and 2 from the kids’ line).

                 The Diffuser was so easy to operate and the rose gold is very pretty. I love incorporating clean products into my household. As the commander of my family’s ship, I like to do my best at keeping them safe and healthy so I really loved the cleaners (smells fantastic and the bottles are fhaancyyy).

                 On to the most important part of this…. the smell. The oils were light and fresh. The best way I can describe it is like when you walk into a spa and you instantly feel calm and at ease. It just didn’t hit as hard as a candle would but you still enjoyed the smell. I am very happy I found this company. I love supporting businesses that create slamming products AND also give back to communities. I didn’t even get into the CBD line, the rollies (is that a cool term for the rollers? I don’t know, I’m new to this) and the kids’ line but you can check their site out and learn all about it!

Things I love about it:

  • GREAT clean products for my household (yay, I love earning points for being a good mom)
  • Fresh smell
  • Oddly creates a good vibe and energy in the house
  • Affordable
  • They offer other great products



     Yes, Gain as in the detergent beads. One of my friends on Instagram gave me this phenomenal idea. You buy those little organza bags that you usually get chocolate covered almonds in as favors and throw a handful of these fantastic smelling laundry beads inside. I placed them all around my house, inside closets, drawers, on doors…everywhere! This was the first one I tried and it STILL smells awesome. This is my constant smell meaning I do it once a month and I’m good!

Things I love about it:

  • It gives a constant fresh scent without having to work hard for it.
  • Fill it and place it once a month. When it starts to fade, just throw it in the wash.
  • It’s hidden so you can't see the bags

 BONUS: I threw a couple of these in my coat and shoe closets. These worked great to neutralize the odor. 





     The unofficial winner of this entire thing! Wanna know why? Well, if you follow my Instagram then you already know about the blinged out bottle Febreze sent me after I made a joke about Khloe Kardashian. It is GLORIOUS! They won on aesthetic alone. They sent over 3 different room sprays and “the blinged bottle” (which I will place on my awards shelf; when I eventually win an award one day). The scents are Ocean, Forest, Light Air and April Fresh. They all smell great and I usually spray them once a week after I deep clean my house and then leave the bottles in my guest bathrooms.

Things I love about it:

  • Their marketing team is the GOAT
  • They smell nice!
  • I can leave them in my bathrooms for a spritz of fresh scent





     So, this came in last place only because the scent was not strong enough for me. The devices allow you to control the level of intensity but on it’s highest it still wasn’t enough. The smells also seemed very artificial to me and did not make my house feel cozy. I purchased the clean linen, Hawaiian breeze, and vanilla passion fruit.  I decided to plug them in the rooms with less traffic anyway. The candle was nice but it wasn’t enough to scent up the kitchen so I kept the candle in my office.

Things I love about it:

  • It smells nice



Hope you enjoyed this blog because I loved writing it! 


Danielle aka The Boujie Mama 




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