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                Let the Disney blogging commence! I can’t wait to share with you all of my tips and tricks (I may be biased but I’m the “GOAT” when it comes to Disney planning). I figured I would start with the Top 10 gadgets I bring with me when I travel to the parks. Trust me, I covered it all! I am obsessed with googling and researching to find the coolest products I never knew I needed until I saw them.  Make sure you scroll all the way down to check out the video I made showcasing each item on my YouTube Page “The Boujie Mama”.



    Water is a necessity at Disney and these adapters were key in handing a full bottle of water over to my toddler son without a worry! The top screws onto pretty much every type of bottle. My FIVE-year-old still uses this every night at bedtime. It just helps eliminate spills.

    No kids cup, no problem! These awesome flexible lids turn any cup into a sippy cup! Dishwasher safe and stretches over most cup sizes.
    In a sea of never-ending strollers, this adorable spotter helps you find yours right away. I found them on Etsy and I just fell in love. I had it personalized (duh!) with my kid’s names. How adorable is this, right?
          We’ve all been there - running after your kids, screaming at the top of your lungs, dragging your purse. Well, I got you covered with these oh, so perfect, non-slip shoulder bag straps. They come in black, clear and brown and can be adjusted in size. You stick these under your purse strap and it eliminates your bag from sliding down. Hot mess mom moment avoided! PLUS – a fellow mommy created this company from scratch – not a big corporation - and I just friggin’ Love that!
        There are so many options you can go with when it comes to a stroller fan. This was MY FAV because my kids didn’t know it was a fan, therefore, didn’t go to grab it like savages. It kept them very cool and the clip on the side let me put it wherever I saw fit.
          Oh, sweet Jesus, Florida is hot! I 100% recommend some type of fan to bring with you. I bought one of these fans for each one of us. The best part about this model is that it’s hands free and it folds up so it hits you perfectly!
            This cooler is awesome! I stock it to the brim with bottled water, juice boxes, snacks and even frozen washcloths. It has clips that allow you to attach it to the back of a single stroller or on the side of a double.
              You’re welcome in advance! I’m the dummy who spent over $1k on the hippest double stroller (bugaboo donkey) only to find out it’s heavy, bulky and not practical AT ALL! I’ve been doing my research on lightweight double strollers for our upcoming Disney trip in May and found this totally awesome double stroller by Jeep. It folds easy, it’s light (thank God so my husband doesn’t want to kill me) and the kids love it! It comes in 3 different colors. I got the Charcoal Galaxy because it looks sleek. I HIGHLY recommend this one guys!
                I bought TWO! You can never have enough storage when it comes to a stroller – especially one that is riding down the streets at Disney! When Dominic was small, I would stuff one side with diapers and wipes so they were easy to get to and the other side with a garbage bag. These slings can hold jackets, blankets, toys, gadgets, etc. I loved this find!
                Disney actually does not allow these, however, I’m a New Yorker… I used it everywhere else. I will never forget what the cast member said to me. He said, “You’re in Disney World, that stuff does not happen here”. I wanted to crawl under a rock in that moment. I did use this when we traveled off property and still to this day everywhere we go.
                  When my son was younger, he would have such a hard time going down for a nap especially if we were out and about so you can only imagine how difficult it would have been at Disney! I came across this blackout “breathable” stroller shade that blocked out all the excitement (and sun) and let him drift off into a nap. We stuck the portable fan inside and he was set! This is also great for island vacations because it stops 99% of the sun’s rays, too!
                    You already know that if you want a good viewing spot for the parades you are going to have to sit and hold your spot well in advance so you might as well wait in comfort! These mats are great. They are big so don’t open it all the way. Keep it folded so you have extra cushion. It rolls up and can attach to your stroller or you can stick it in the side storage space.
                                     Well, there you have it! These items are staples for me when we travel to Disney and a lot of them can be used on any vacation. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO ON THESE ITEMS BELOW and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE channel “The Boujie Mama”. I can’t wait to share my Disney fashion with you! You can learn more about me HERE and read some more of my kickass blogs HERE. I’d love to keep in touch so make sure to follow my social media accounts and let me know what you think of my blogs, of me, of life or if you just want to talk!
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